Hallur Jon Bluhme Sævarsson. Fyrstaborðs maður Íslands.

Með stolti kynnum við til leiks, nýjasta landsliðsmann íslenska kotruliðsins, ofurspilarann Hall Jon Blume Sævarsson, hann hefur aðsetur í Danmörk, en er íslendingur í húð á hár.

1)     Nafn?

Hallur Jon Bluhme Sævarsson, f. 1976. Íslenskur ríkisborgari. Búsettur og uppalinn í DK frá 1978. Var í ML á Laugarvatni í eitt ár í 1992-93 en lærdi aldrei almennilega ad skrifa íslensku. Ensku it is.. J

2)     Staða í liðinu?

That New Rookie Who Is Supposed To Be Any Good

3)     Kotrustig?

Somewhere between World Class and Expert, mostly.

4)     Hvernig hefur undirbúningi þínum verið háttað?

Training my rolling and drinking arm J I guess for the last couple of weeks – 2-5 hours daily training with extremeGammon and GNU on mobile and computer + some sessions with Thomas Kristensen. Taking screenshots of and going through my blunders, errors and interesting decisions. Trying to get rid of biggest blunders and tuning in on the double/take window in various match scores. Crossfitting as well to be fit for long, enduring matches and for staying up celebrating our victories.

5)     Hvaða persónulega árangri í Budapest stefnir þú að?

Win it all!! Or at least aiming to play better than 75% of my opponents. And hopefully win accordingly.

6)     Hvaða árangri telur þú að raunhæft sé fyrir Kotrulandsliðið að stefna að á EM2015?

No clue – gotta know how great my teammates are. But I predict that we will beat the Danish team in the Finals on the last roll…

7)     Varstu ánægður með Körfuboltalandsliðið á EM?

Nope, not fun to lose all games, I guess. LeBron James should have been Icelandic. But at least we played there, which Denmark didnt.

8)     Ætlar þú til Frakklands næsta sumar?

If it fits into my calendar it would be great to take a trip to Monaco and bring home a World Championship.

9)     Ef þú mættir velja einn mann í landslið, hverjum myndir þú bæta við?


10)  Hvenær lærðir þú kotru?

Back in the 90’s J I guess it was in 1997 when me and my neighbour and good friend, Thomas, started playing. We saw a bunch of guys playing on Strøget for money (mostly foreign hustlers). We played against them and thought we were quite good ourselves but just damn unlucky. And lost some money. We bought the “Backgammon Bible” – a book by Paul Magriel called “Backgammon”. Intensively studied it and found out there was really a lot of fundamental stuff you just need to get under your skin and how beautiful the game is when you start mastering the various strategies and moves as the game plan changes in just a single game. Next year we sat on the “hustler” side of Strøget and played against clueless tourists and danes who thought backgammon was mostly luck. And we won some money. We started playing in the Danish Team League – got invited on a Elite team and played a lot. After playing for 4-5 years I took a very long break from Backgammon due to work and family, but started again some years ago. Thomas continued, however, and is a professional gambler today. Mostly poker, though. Dont play him for money.


11)  Ertu ánægður með liðsandann?

I heard some good stories of you guys from last year, and you are all Icelandic – so of course we will have a great time together J I got a good impression of the way you have invited me to the team, although not having met me in person. And its great to see how you are making Kotra visible in Iceland and Im just proud to help be a part of that.

12)  Hversu miklu máli skiptir stuðningur áhorfenda?

Well, its nice to see friendly faces around you when you are playing and as long as people respect the rules and dont annoy the opponent or give out some hints, then its all fine.

13)  Er kotra ekki bara heppni? Eða er hún bara fyrir reiknismeistara?

Hehe, the everreturning question. Its a dice game so of course there’s luck involved. But in the long run, the better player will win. Lets just hope that the long run is shorter than the match length.

14)  Hvernig viltu spila kotru? Ertu árásargjarn, varfærinn eða þar mitt á milli?

Depends on the position and match score 😉 I guess its a bit old fashioned to talk about having a general play style, but of course we can all have a tendency towards something. But this should be shaped and finetuned by playing against the computer and see were your weaknesses are. Generally, when playing live backgammon – stay calm!

15)  Finnst þér gaman að dobbla?

Ég elska ad dobbla! Haha J When its correct, of course. One rule of thumb, which I want to emphasize and try to play by at this tournament, is to keep the match volatility low (not too high cubes and swings in the score – unless its forced and correct of course). Be very keen on the match score, for instance if you are leading the match and having the cube, then you often want to play on and go for “too good” and try give him a gammon, instead of redoubling to 4 and seeing an 8 cube later on, and possibly play for the whole match. But, if you are trailing for instance 9-11 in a 13 p match, then you can be extremely aggresive with the cube and often its a drop. Actually, in this score “vantar 4 – vantar 2” you should imagine that if the trailing opponent would be able to start the game already having made the 5-point with a 3-1 and he gets the roll, then its a drop for you to even start the game J

16)  Hjúskaparstaða?


17)  Börn? Hvað heita þau?

Julia, 5 og Kamille, 3.

18)  Hverjir vinna EM2015 í Budapest?

My heart says Ísland. But there are some pretty strong teams out there. Im sure we will win the “most fun and crazy team” prize at least.

19)  Eitthvað að lokum?

Looking forward to meet you guys!

Just wondering – what is the icelandic meaning of “Kotra”?

Áfram Ísland!!