The battle for „FINAL FOUR“

The battle for „FINAL FOUR“

Euro 2017

The tension is growing minute by minute… throw by throw… Now when it is only one round to go in team championship the standings are rather complicated.  Germany is leading with 14 points, second is France with 13 points, in third place is Greece with 12 points and in fourth place is Sweden with 11 points. For more information you can go to this link Euro 2017 Four countries will go to „FINAL FOUR“ so stay tuned for the last round result. The program for tonight is as followed…

Friday 6. October

10:00-13:00 Fourth round Team

13:00-16:00 Fifth round Team

16:00-19:00 Sixth round Team

19:00-21:00 Dinner

21:10-21:50 Final Registration for the Individual

22:00 First round individual

Here are some photos from today…..